October 17, 2017

a pumpkin or two at the door

Our neighborhood is suddenly blooming

I couldn’t resist snapping a few fun
and inspirational photos this morning
here in Newport.

They all have one thing in common…

J Pumpkins!

There's something so charming about those
orange little guys!

So many of my favorite homes
are all dolled up for the season… 

All it takes is a festive pumpkin,
or a few, to create an inviting entry
for all the neighbors to enjoy!

In addition to our favorite chubby gourd,
a cheerful wreath or banner also
helps to usher in the spooky holiday.

This white and gray home is one of my favorites! 

Do you recognize this home from the

It was the home of Meghan King Edmonds until
they sold it a few months ago.

I’m glad to see the new owners get in on the Halloween décor as 
one lone pumpkin stand guard at the front door.

Cute Chinese paper Jack o’Lanterns add
 loads of charm to this home.  

And those of you who were on this year’s
may recognize this home.

One of our faves!

How do you decorate your front porch for Halloween?

ciao! fabiana

October 16, 2017

adorable fall appetizers

How do you feel about “cute” food?

I’m all over it… the cuter the better!

So today, I have a couple of really fun fall
appetizer recipes to share with you.

My friends Amy, Caran and I are hosting
a birthday party on Saturday night for our friend Heather,
so I’ll be making both of these adorable 
and easy to prepare savory treats. 

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

16 ounces room-temperature cream cheese
1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar
3 tablespoons minced white onion
2 tablespoons salsa
2 teaspoons ground cumin
teaspoon ground turmeric
1 teaspoon finely chopped jalapeno
1 cup crushed Cheezits or Goldfish Crackers
1 Bell Pepper Stem for garnish

With a mixer, blend all the ingredients. Place mixture onto plastic wrap and use the wrap to form the mixture into a 5-inch pumpkin-shaped ball including vertical ridges; chill at least 2 hours.

To serve, unwrap, roll in crushed cheese flavored crackers like Cheezits or Goldfish and press a bell pepper stem into the top. I like to seve this with a variety of crackers.

I plan on making the cheese ball a few days before,
so I have less to do closer to party day.

Then, on the day of the party, 
all I have to do is unwrap the cheese ball, 
roll it in the crushed crackers and 
add the stem as a garnish.

This second appetizer is really easy to make.
Just fill a hollowed-out orange bell pepper
with your favorite hummus and add pita chips.

🎃 So easy and quick! 🎃

When hollowing out the pepper, 
make sure to remove all the seeds and white ribs from
 the inside of the pepper and remember you reserve the stem
to use as a garnish for the Pumpkin Cheese Ball.

The spooky Jack-o-Lantern eyes, nose and mouth 
are easily made with a sharp paring knife.
Do this before you fill the pepper.

Isn't it great how
these two recipes work perfectly together?

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
Food Network
Endlessly Inspired

October 15, 2017

a new book by molly sims

Oh, how I love to see inspiring
Halloween décor done right!

Isn’t this entry cute?

It’s the home of Molly Sims and right now,
I’m swooning over Molly’s overall style
and her new book entitled
“Everyday Chic”.

In it, she shares details of her own design style
and how she creates a healthy home environment for her family.
She also offers fun and helpful tips on how she manages
motherhood and keeping her family organized.

I first spotted this article in Good Housekeeping,
and I made a mental note to pick up her new book
the next time I was out.

“Everyday Chic” is just that...
inspiring ways to stay organized
with great style!

Molly's kitchen is stunning.
I love this counter to ceiling gray subway tile in her kitchen.

It's such a dramatic backdrop with all the white accessories!

I love the organic shape of the round table
and the natural woven light fixture in the dining area.

The light reminds me of an umbrella… so fun J

The tile continues all the way over into the
dining area covering it wall-to-wall
around the all white French-style doors.

But, what I really love about this book are her yummy recipes.

I'm trying this One-Pot Moroccan Chicken recipe tonight! 

Here’s a little tour of some other
favorite spots in her home…

I’ll let you know how the
Moroccan Chicken recipe turns out.

Oh, my goodness, I just realized,
we’re halfway through this month already!

Wishing you a great start to the week…

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
Good Housekeeping
Architectural Digest
Molly Sims on Instagram
MollySims. com 
Hello Canada

October 12, 2017

halloween curb appeal

I have to admit,
I bought one more pumpkin today…

Enough already, right?
I’ve been buying pumpkins for weeks now!

Roger’s Gardens, Trader Joe’s,
Tanaka Farms, and the grocery store,
it’s hard to resist these beauties…

Well, I really did need one more
to finish off 

And speaking of Halloween porch décor,
here are a few of my favorite looks
for the month of October.

and remember.... try doing something amazing today! 

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
DIY Network
New England Living
Ciao Newport Beach

If you get a chance, check out
a few of my fun Halloween picks
at my Blog Shop!

October 11, 2017

this halloween at roger's gardens

Halloween at Roger’s Gardens is always a treat!

How about a little peek at
what they have in store
for us this year?

"For a limited time,
it’s possible to slip behind the wall,
Harry Potter style,
into a small alley lined 

"As we walk by, we're
oblivious to the mysterious
activity surrounding us.

Only those who know can detect
and excitement in the air."

"Your number one source for rare
be found next to an apothecary
selling strange potions. "

You’ll find the perfect potion
at Morgan & Murkes Apothecary.
Loaded with skeletons and skulls
this apothecary is ready to fix what ails you.

"Magical creatures are for sale
behind windows stacked with wands
and broomsticks."

Lurking in the shadows,
Wykeham’s Wizarding Supplies

Look for the perfect wand,
browse the selection of spell books
or get lost in the gaze of a crystal ball.

And, the spooky tablescapes are to die for!

Check out what the owls
have delivered at
the Owl Post General Store!  

Be sure to visit Roger’s Gardens
and step into a world of
Magic & Mayhem,
before the door

ciao! fabiana

And don’t forget to check out
a few of my fun Halloween picks

at my Blog Shop!

photo credit:  Roger's Gardens

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